Self-publication Alert! New Short Story at eBook Retailers

Bumba Queen Weave short story cover

I’ve finally published a new short story for eBook readers. Thanks to Draft2Digital, Bumba Queen Weave is available through Kindle, Apple, Barnes & Noble, and other digital retailers for $0.99 (equivalent in other currencies). If you enjoy dark fairytales with a twist, this should be an experience worth your time.


A child and its dragon live in the woods with a witch. One day, a strange urge drives Sephy deeper through the trees, defying the dreaded Bumba Queen. And the intricate truth about their story unravels.

Interested? Simply click on the link above and select your preferred retailer.

Curious about my other short story? Get your copy of Familiar here.


Author: Electra Nanou

Wordy weirdo

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  1. Just finished reading the short story/ fairy tail โ€œBumba Queen Weaveโ€ by Electra. It lead in magic paths, dragons, rivers โ€“sounds and shapes. It was playfully dark and scary! I enjoyed it a lot. It is a good read and I recommend it to friends! Bravo!

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