7 Benefits to Joining Creative Events as a Writer

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To become a better writer, you need experiences and a stimulated mind. Socializing with like-minded people is a great way to gain both of these qualities.

If you don’t already have a social circle like a book club or writing group, look for opportunities near you that ideally require you to meet and chat with people in person.

As daunting as it might be, joining creative events as a writer can help you in several ways. Let’s look at the benefits of socials in more detail.

1. Meet Fellow Creatives

Most artforms are solitary affairs, and it’s easy to convince yourself that you’re alone in your passion and struggles. That is far from the truth, however.

Look at the events and courses shared by Writers & Artists. They focus a lot on helping creatives get published, find an agent, and improve their writing skills.

Now, consider the fact that these opportunities wouldn’t even exist if a great many people didn’t need them. In other words, if you join a creative event to address a particular problem, you can be sure that you’ll meet several people in the exact same boat as you.

Keep this in mind as you look for groups or occasions near you. Your mind will broaden as much as your social circles.

2. Talk About or Fully Promote Your Work

Events for creatives, especially related to literature, give you the chance to tell people what you do. Are you an author, publisher, alpha or beta reader, illustrator, or something else? What genres interest you? Do you have a project underway?

You can practice introducing yourself and pitching your ideas. The more you do so, the more confident you’ll feel about social situations and your own value as an artist.

Furthermore, some occasions like the National Centre of Writing’s Dragon Hall social offer an open mic platform, where you can announce any important news, whether you’re launching a book, giving a podcast interview, or gathering interest for an event of your own.

At the same time, you get to hear what other creatives are up to. You could even join their projects and form invaluable partnerships.

3. Discuss Interests

Besides meeting new people and promoting your work, you can join conversations about the world of books and find creatives that share your interests or have something to say about them.

And don’t just focus on your projects. If the opportunity arises, feel free to talk about hobbies that benefit your creative writing or what put you on the path to authorship.

This exchange of professional and personal ideas can awaken your imagination, give you different perspectives to think about, and encourage you to pursue your dreams.

So, you won’t just find rewarding friendships at creative social events for artists, but motivation and inspiration, too.

4. Pick Up News

Being present at these kinds of occasions means that you have direct access to news in your area and beyond.

Find out what fellow creatives are doing or what tools and services they vouch for. Make a note of upcoming festivals, book launches, readings, and seminars.

Use this intel to get even more involved with the literary scene, expand your circle further, and utilize what you’ve gathered in your projects.

5. Find Collaborators

Here’s another reason why you should keep your ear to the ground at social events: you can meet or hear about professionals that fit plans you may have.

Literary socials gather all sorts of people, not just authors and publishers. You’ll brush shoulders with illustrators, printers, academics, journalists, actors, and more.

6. Learn How to Progress Your Work

By hearing other people’s stories and tips, you can get ideas on how to take your work to the next level or how to solve a problem that’s been bugging you.

If you’re bad at marketing, getting your novel into bookstores, or finding reliable self-publishing services, for instance, socials for authors are great places to ask relevant questions and receive instant advice.

7. Feel Confident as an Author

For the most rewarding outcome, go into a creative event with a purpose, whether it’s to just chat with people for an hour, buy some books, or recruit artists. Open yourself to conversations and absorb as much wisdom and positivity as you can.

You may emerge with renewed passion for your art or with a brain buzzing with ideas. Your next step as an author could be to improve your skills with opportunities like Arvon’s writing courses and retreats. Or you might want to participate in a festival you heard about and simultaneously promote yourself.

Whatever goal you discover, it automatically boosts your drive for your art and helps you treat it as a profession instead of a hobby.

Considering what you have to go through to write and publish a book, especially one that people genuinely come to appreciate, never forget that authorship really is a career to be proud of.

Discover Local Socials for Creatives or Create Your Own

Do you love books and the publishing industry? Do you want to get more involved and boost your creative writing career? Make the most of social opportunities in your area or within easy reach.

If there aren’t any, you could start creative events yourself, whether online or in person. See how much interest there is and plan socials that accommodate the principles above.

Want more conversation starters for your first or next meetup with authors or bookish creatives? Here are some ideas…

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