Book Review: El Flamingo – Nick Davies

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Rating: 3 out of 3.

If you love stories filled to the brim with suspense, intrigue, romance, and humor, El Flamingo by Nick Davies is the book for you.

Lou Galloway runs to Mexico to drown his sorrows after failing as a Hollywood actor, but here’s the sunset noir tangle he gets himself into.

Funny and Inspiring Protagonist

After sharing a bottle of mezcal with a stranger in a tiki bar, Lou is left with a flamboyant, pink-feathered hat and no purpose—until he dons the hat.

He’s mistaken for a notorious gun for hire only known as El Flamingo, a faceless ghost, and swept across Latin America in an assassination plot, while falling head over heels for Maria-Carla, his new employer’s wife, who also happens to be a ruthless mobster.

Lou’s humor keeps the whole story light-hearted, making it almost a parody of espionage films. His transformation from depressed to phenomenal actor is also very heartwarming and impressive. You can’t help but root for him.

Thrilling Plot

You’ve got a mixture of everything: mystery, gun fights, epic romance, memorable characters, a dive into Latin American culture, and a fantastic theatrical monologue.

Alongside a plot that never gets boring, you can look forward to interesting themes, from Don Quixote to transformation and the pursuit of dreams.

Whirlwind Story of Quality and Depth

Above all, El Flamingo is expertly written. There’s personality in the narration itself, which keeps you hooked and entertained from start to finish. But its worth isn’t just in its well-structured combination of classic crime elements.

Through humour and action, it delves into the psyche of someone who completely lost hope in himself and his future before grabbing a surreal opportunity by the horns, one that would turn him from a worm into a butterfly.

El Flamingo: Book Review Conclusion

This is one of the best books I’ve read in a while. It’s funny, exciting, and wholesome in a caricaturish way. Fans of mystery noir with surreal and amusing twists should definitely give El Flamingo a go.

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