Book Review: Two at the End – William Nkemdirim

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Rating: 2 out of 3.

Two at the End is an eerie apocalyptic tale following the fate of Earth and its people after the planet is marked with entrances to the Abyss, a hellish plane that bends reality, from time and space to human capabilities.

The protagonist is Folashade, a witch assisting in murder investigations across Nigeria, cases connected to the Abyss. When she finds clues that her lost sister might still live, she’s more determined than ever to solve the mystery of her broken world.

Dark Atmosphere

From start to finish, the story feels gothic, morbid even. This texture fits the plot perfectly as events go from bad to worse and Folashade gradually learns the truth about the Abyss, her sister, herself, and the players in this surreal puzzle.

Intricate Narration

Two at the End wraps its epically gothic atmosphere with a formal writing style. Most of the time, it delivers delicious descriptions and analyses the book’s themes with quite a philosophical air.

Unfortunately, the narration’s style often goes overboard, making sentences unnecessarily intricate, verging on non-sensical. As a result, the pace and plot feels laboured and confusing.

On the plus side, the book has lots of extraordinary scenes and battles involving powered humans called Hierodules, creatures of the Abyss, and the Earth’s remaining forces struggling against them all.

Interesting Characters and Themes

Folashade’s search for her sister and a semblance of meaning to her maddening life is moving. She and her antagonists are complex individuals, their conflict and composition compelling. Other grey and sympathetic characters add to the psychological aspect of the plot.

Something that stands out in Two at the End are the different themes it explores. In addition to extensive scientific and almost magical elements, it especially focuses on growth through struggle and sacrifice.


If you love dark, post apocalyptic science fiction with an existential core and superhuman action, this is a good book to pick up next.

It takes a while to get into it and understand its ins and outs, but once you wrap your head around the plot, characters, and themes, Two at the End is enjoyable and thought-provoking.

Release date: 2 June

Available on: Amazon

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