My Own Debut Fantasy Book is Out – Roa Seeks (Aerieti Chronicles of the Fall, Books 1)

Holding my paperback debut fantasy book Roa Seeks
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I’m finally unleashing the universe in my head, starting with Roa Seeks. As the first part of the Aerieti Chronicles of the Fall, it serves as a relatively smooth introduction into the complicated machinations going on between angels, demons, and other powers brewing in the world of Itania. If you’re a fan of epic fantasy with a splash of science fiction, this may just be your next treat of a read. Want to know more about my debut fantasy book before investing? These free resources should fill you in nicely.

Roa Seeks Blurb

The chronicles begin with a tale of exiles, disillusionment, and stubborn hope. Will a strange band of misfits be enough to protect a world from a monstrous threat?

Demons stir in Itania, and Meecha Roa, the black sheep of his family, travels from his home world to this legendary planet to investigate. But all he knows about Itania is what other secret agents of the angels have recounted. A place of magic, dragons, elves, humans, and simmering strife.

The mission seems simple enough: explore the activity of the demons and their servants. At the same time, track down and recruit a rogue elf demon-hunter called Azare. Except nothing is simple in Itania, especially with so much brewing in the shadows. Through hardship and precious friendships, Meecha’s intricate discoveries will shake his heart and loyalty to the core as the demons turn out to be hunting for an infamous key to hell, secreted away by a master thief and lockbox-maker.

Meecha realises that what he seeks on his epic adventure are not answers and solutions just for the Aerieti, but also himself… The part he plays in this critical chess match between angels and demons.

Roa Seeks Introduction and Reading

Get to know me and some extra details about my debut fantasy book, especially regarding its protagonist Meecha. My developing YouTube channel contains a few more trailers for anyone interested.

Roa Seeks Preview Chapters

I don’t know about you, but I always like to read samples of books before deciding to buy them. So here’s a hefty preview for you to enjoy.

Follow the Aerieti Chronicles of the Fall

If you want to connect and stay informed as the saga progresses, I’m on the following platforms. For a quick look at my background, also explore Book Breath’s about page.

I hope this has all whetted your appetite. If so, have fun stepping into Meecha’s adventure and the whole unravelling plot. Finally, don’t forget to review where you can and wish! As a self-published author, your support is invaluable.

Author: Electra Nanou

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