Book Review: The Six Loves of Billy Binns – Richard Lumsden

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Rating: 1 out of 3.

A wonderful book about love, memory, history and the unpredictability of life. Billy Binns is 117, the oldest man at London’s Cedars nursing home and in Europe. He’s intent on recalling his five beloved people that defined his lifetime and putting their stories down on paper. But memory is a fickle thing… The debut novel of Richard Lumsden – actor, writer, composer – follows a man’s sentimental look back at his and the world’s history as they both evolve through the 20th century. Explore my review for extra but not too revealing detail on what to expect from The Six Loves of Billy Binns.

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Bittersweet Story

Nobody’s lifestory is straightforward. There are twists and turns, many of which improve or scar you. This applies to the tale of Billy Binns too. From childhood to his senior years, he experiences joys, heartaches and surprises, their extraordinary sequence actually pretty normal. The familiarity of the protagonist’s personal and societal struggles makes his emotional journey that much more engaging. The Six Loves of Billy Binns is a great choice for fans of quality tear-jerkers

Glance at History

Another intriguing element to the story is the historical context. Billy is born in 1900 and grows up in quite different times on so many levels. The book doesn’t ignore this fact. The narration is from Billy’s perspective, a white working-class man with the drives and prejudices that go with this distinction. You’re plunged into the reality of 20th-century England, through its wars and cultural changes. The Six Loves of Billy Binns is as much about humanity’s struggle as it is about the protagonist, all delivered through a stirring narrative.

Masculine Representation

Lumsden’s book is also worth exploring in terms of how its lead character is portrayed. Alongside some negative aspects to his personality and story, Billy is a loving guy. The key memories he cherishes the most are those of love and kindness, this alone deviating from hard masculine stereotypes. Basically, what the novel brings to life very well is the psychological complexity of a man in the 1900s. Such stories are especially valuable to conversations about gender representation in literature and society.


The Six Loves of Billy Binns is an emotive and insightful work of fiction that combines history with an old man’s sweet efforts towards remembering what love feels like. The narrative is natural and immersive, easy to read in a matter of days. If this book review has piqued your interest, the novel itself will more than please you.

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