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If you live in the UK, chances are you already know Richard Osman and how popular his first novel is. But, as one of the few cozy mysteries I’ve ever picked up, I’d like to add my praises. Here’s a brief introduction to the book and what I enjoyed most about it.

Resonating with modern Agatha Christie vibes and Osman’s warm humour, The Thursday Murder Club really is a joy to read. It follows a group of pensioners as they try to solve a murder that takes place in their very own neighbourhood, quite a change from the old and forgotten cases they normally pour over.

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Unique Setting and Characters

Most of the plot takes place at the lush and luxurious Coopers Chase Retirement Village, owned by the greedy Ian Ventham. From structure to descriptions, this book is a great example of how to weave lots of world-building information into a story, but with purpose and charisma.

As interesting as the setting is, however, its characters make the biggest impact. The Thursday Murder Club consists of Elizabeth, Joyce, Ibrahim, and Ron, each brimming with smooth tricks. We get to see them run circles around everyone, including Donna and Chris, the police officers who are supposed to be running the murder investigation.

Lots of Smart Twists and Turns

The plot branches out in a cleverly casual but also hilarious way. This maze of a whodunit opens up several possible paths yet the outcome still might surprise you. Sure, there could have been more action, tension, or clues for us to follow, but the book’s overall effect is very satisfying as is.

In fact, the point of The Thursday Murder Club doesn’t seem to be the excitement of catching a killer. Instead, it leans more towards illustrating how the characters – and people in general – react to unexpected and complicated answers. This is a narrative that steers away from black and white interpretations, calmly savouring the beauty of the grey.

Subtle Depths

Beneath this novel’s laughs and savvy moves lie several meaningful messages. The narration focuses on the characters, and their voices are so natural that these heartfelt moments sneak up on you very smoothly. Themes of love, loss, sacrifice, and more emerge as the plot thickens.

This balance between mystery, humor, and drama makes the reading experience that much more engaging and easy to get through. Even better, the chapters are blissfully small, traversing the maze’s details in nice little chunks.


The Thursday Murder Club is a great murder mystery with a unique cast and wonderful narrative style. But it’s also a deceptively meaningful story. Fans of Miss Marple and Poirot will definitely enjoy it. Hopefully, the sequels will impress us just as much.

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