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It’s always exciting to find stories that play with popular existential theories. Suren G. Hakobyan’s debut novel, Void Fate, does exactly that to very satisfying effect. The dark fantasy places five friends in a unique predicament as they wake up in a blank, murky version of the real world. Their struggle to understand what happened is made worse by this dimension’s wicked influence on the characters. Keep reading my review to find out more about this imaginative mystery.

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Engaging Dark Mystery

Various elements make Void Fate’s fantastical world quite chilling. Something like a dome encases the city and there are no people except for those inexplicably pulled here. Sounds, colours, and the air itself are dulled, while patrols of eerie cloud beings search for intruders. If that’s not enough to worry about, a dark influence starts turning the characters against each other.

The way the plot and its revelations slowly unravel is very effective. It hooks the reader into thinking alongside the characters. Each one offers their perspective, revealing their different personalities and thoughts. I would’ve loved to get a few more answers about this void world, but that’s the fun part of such mysteries. They inspire you to keep wondering.

A Web of Theories

When it comes to solving the mystery, Void Fate brings in several theories. The diverse mindsets it contains – strategic, cowardly, religious, opportunistic, and more – open plenty of ideological doors. The clash between science, fantasy, and superstition grows as links between the void and real world become clearer.

How these dimensions affect each other, as well as the human nature, are fascinating to observe. Such features add depth to the book’s action. And that’s why its lingering questions are no less valuable than its answers.

Characters That Move

The story isn’t just about how to survive and escape a weird situation like this. It also asks what the emotional impact would be. Here are at least five men of different temperaments and motivations. And they each deal with fear and uncertainty in their own way, some well enough, others very badly.

The alien influence on their minds and souls is another factor. It messes not only with their emotions, but also their view of their redefined world and the people around them. The characterisations and relationships in Void Fate are fleshed out quite well, enhancing the story with some emotional investment too.


Void Fate is an intriguing, well-written novel. It combines dark mysterious fantasy with psychological thriller action, resulting in a fun existential conundrum. The adventure and characters draw you in, while the strange world and its clues tickle your brain. A great read for fans of parallel universes, spiritual concepts, and the Matrix.

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