Power of Words: How Language Can Motivate in the 21st Century

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Every reader knows how influential a book can be. A good story carries you away from reality as you know it. And how does it do that? Through the power of words. The popularity of motivational quotes alone shows the impact of language on the psyche. Whether on your phone or the office wall, a wise phrase can make your day – change your whole outlook – in an instant.

Let’s look at 3 key concerns of the modern human and how motivational solutions are able to affect them in a positive way.

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The right inspiring quote can easily remedy those sluggish moments at work, when you just can’t find the will to focus. Experts agree that people not only need motivation but actively seek it. Employers are encouraged to care about their workers’ psychological wellbeing and to make good use of the power of words.

Even a freelancer can go the extra mile to inspire themselves with a clever pen or PC wallpaper. How about a sticker on the window to snap you back to attention when your eyes and thoughts wonder? A pleasant and encouraging environment boosts anyone’s productivity.


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Crossfit and yoga are still all the rage, reminding us how important physical exercise is. But getting and consistently returning to the gym is another matter entirely. This is where the power of words comes in handy yet again, often in the form of apps or smart gadgets.

Need some motivation to leave the house? Mobile tools like Daily Fitness Quotes are popular choices, doubling as exercise schedules and suppliers of inspirational quotes from famous athletes. Finding the will to keep sweating and pushing your body to its limits is a matter of discipline, as well as motivation. And language, structured and expressed correctly, can impact this human aspect too.

Emotional Health

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The most important concern of modern society is staying emotionally sound throughout our fast-paced existence. Our psychological state affects how and if we even perceive the helpful words in front of us. So emotional health is actually a factor that links all other motivational needs. This is why inspiring language-based solutions are aimed at improving the very core of our mentality more than its offshoots.

The range of products available to handle this task shows how vital it’s considered that everyone has access to such help. LSW Mind Cards, for example, are for people who prefer tangible instead of digital motivation. You can simply pick up a card and perform the suggested activity – anything from an act of reflection or kindness to writing about a specific question in your journal.

We often need external tools to receive a motivational quote or piece of advice. However, the power of words lies more in our ability to accept and utilise that wisdom. Next time you find yourself mentally or emotionally stuck, try some of these tricks and tools. At the same time, make a note of what the experience actually did for you, whether positive or negative.

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